Legami Acrylic Marker Be Bold

Legami Acrylic Marker Be Bold

VAT included
  • rosso
  • verde
  • Blu
  • Giallo
  • Bianco
  • Nero
  • Rosa
  • Arancione
  • Lilla
  • Verde Acqua


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“Scripta manent” says the wise man. “Only if you have the right marker” we reply. If you want to have the assurance of clean, long-lasting writing on any surface, resistant to light and water without any smudging, you can rely on Legami's Be Bold Acrylic Marker. Available in 10 colors, non-toxic, odorless and long-lasting, it is the perfect tool for a guaranteed wow effect! Allow to dry 4 hours Water-based pigmented ink Suitable for paper, canvas, stone, glass, ceramic, plastic, fabric, wood, metal Material: PLASTIC Height (cm): 14.5 Weight (g): 23 Width (cm): 1.5 Depth (cm): 1.5 Made in: China Diameter (cm): 1.5
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